Rapid PCB

PCB prototyping is the easiest and cost-effective way of detecting and fixing errors. It enables the reduction of the risk of costly rework during mass production.

We offer quick prototype-making service and reverse engineering of existing assemblies.

  • Online Support 24/7
  • 24 hours fast PCB prototype expedite services
  • Free DFM & DFA Check
  • No minimum order requirement


Our Rapid PCB Assembly Services
1, Free DFM & DFA Check

Best technology will provide free PCB file checks to make sure there are no missing components or incorrect construction, and check that these file designs are within the capabilities of our production process.

2, Cost Optimization

Are your prototype designs fully optimized?Our team of manufacturing experts will provide recommendations to cost reduction for you.

3, Consistency

Our prototypes are built under the same ISO-9001-2015 and IPC quality standards as production jobs. We can maintain that consistency over large volumes.

4, PCB Reverse Engineering

We also offer reverse engineering of existing assemblies.

We can take an existing board from a bare board, an assembled board, existing drawings, and we can create a new design with all supporting documentation

5, Quality Control

We have a set of strict quality control system to ensure that every process will be carried out in accordance with IPC standards. We provide our customers with PCB prototypes that exactly meet customer needs and meet the highest quality standards.

Additional information

Layer Count

1 – 64 Layers

Max Board Dimension

24*24" (610*610mm)

Min Board Thickness

0.1mm – 2.0mm

Max Board Thickness

6.0mm – 8.0mm

Copper Thickness

Outer Layer:1oz~30oz, Inner Layer:0.5oz~30oz

Min Line Width/Line Space

Normal: 4/4mil (0.10mm); HDI: 2/2mil (0.05mm)

Min Hole Diameter

Normal: 8mil (0.20mm) ; HDI: 4mil (0.10mm)

Min Punch Hole Dia

0.1" (2.5mm)

Min Hole Spacing

12 mil (0.3mm)

Min PAD Ring(Single)

3mil (0.075mm)

PTH Wall Thickness

Normal: 0.59mil (15um); HDI: 0.48mil (12um)

Min Solder PAD Dia

Normal: 14mil (0.35mm); HDI: 10mil(0.25mm)

Min Soldermask Bridge

Normal: 8mil (0.2mm); HDI: 6mil (0.15mm)

Min BAG PAD Margin

5mil (0.125mm)

PTH/NPTH Dia Tolerance

PTH: ± 3mil (0.075mm) ; NPTH: ±2 mil (0.05mm)

Hole Position Deviation

±2 mil (0.05mm)

Outline Tolerance

CNC: ± 6mil (0.15mm); Die Punch: ± 4mil (0.1mm); Precision Die: ± 2mil (0.05mm)

Impedance Controlled

Value>50ohm: ±10%; Value≤50ohm: ±5 ohm

Max Aspect Ratio


Surface Treatment

ENIG, Flash Gold, Hard Gold Finger, Gold Plating(50mil), Gold finger,
Selected Gold plating,ENEPIG, ENIPIG; HAL, HASL(LF), OSP, Silver Imm., Tin Imm

Soldermask Color