Electronic Manufacturing Services for Industrial

Industrial applications consist of various technologies applied to numerous industries. From printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to full product assembly and manufacturing, it implies dealing with complex electronic circuit boards as well as mechanical enclosures (sheet metals, CNC, plastics), to reach the perfect result for our customers. Your EMS partner must be expert for years in electronic manufacturing solutions.


The industrial industry has been historically one of the major segment served by Fubon Precision yet we are now witnessing the Internet of Things, with a specific attention towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which will bring connectivity and automation to factories and companies around the world.

To support such advancement, teaming up with the right partner is instrumental to bringing new products to market successfully. At Fubon Precision, we offer the full array of services from design and specifications definition to mass-production at all of our 18 locations.

As an electronic contract manufacturing company and industrial electronics manufacturer, leader in our fields, we have integrated in our factories new methods brought with the industry 4.0, like: automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 3D-Printing, Internet of Things platforms (IoT), big data and analytics.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for industrial, our capabilities include:

ATM & Industrial machines

Automation devices and equipment


Vending machines

Power systems

Electrical transmissions

Receivers, Transceivers

Power tools

Test and Measurement

Instrumentation devices and equipment

Our Industrial PCBAs Are Used in Wide Applications


The production of industrial PCBA should at the very least follow a certified quality assurance system, with the components adhering to responsive AEC standards and the manufacturing and assembly of industrial PCBA adhering to IPC standards. It is abhorrent to do these on your own, therefore why not leave PCB manufacturing, assembly, and electronic component procurement to a reputable industrial PCB manufacturer? Contact Fubon Precision if you haven’t finished your industrial PCB design so that our solution specialists can offer helpful advice and solutions.