Electronic Manufacturing Services for Consumer Electronics

At Fubon Precision, we delivers high end electronic manufacturing solutions for consumer electronics, from design, engineering and prototyping, to mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions.


Consumer electronics, from audio products to wearables, gaming or even virtual reality, are all getting more and more connected.

The digital world we live in requires a high level of connectivity and advanced electronics and capabilities, even for the simplest of the products, empowering users worldwide.

WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS… Offering our expertise, across the board.

As electronic PCBA manufacturing company, Fuboon Precision provide full turnkey services from design services to reverse engineering and obsolescence management.

Sourcing the right components and making sure it all assembles perfectly based on your requirements, is our core expertise.

Design, engineering, prototyping, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), introduction of a new product (NPI services), smart supply chain solutions, intellectual property management…

We offer a wide range of services to our customers.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities, combined with our preferred network of qualified suppliers, makes us the partner to-go-to for an efficient one-stop solution from prototyping to mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions.


Electronic manufacturing service provider for Consumer Electronics our capabilities include:

Audio devices and systems

Consumer medical devices

Multimedia devices and equipment


Educational tech

E-cigarettes and vapor devices



The production of Consumer Electronics PCBA should at the very least follow a certified quality assurance system, with the components adhering to responsive AEC standards and the manufacturing and assembly of Consumer Electronics PCBA adhering to IPC standards. It is abhorrent to do these on your own, therefore why not leave PCB manufacturing, assembly, and electronic component procurement to a reputable Consumer Electronics PCB manufacturer? Contact Fubon Precision if you haven’t finished your Consumer Electronics PCB design so that our solution specialists can offer helpful advice and solutions.

Additional information

PCB Types

Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid Flex PCBs. MCPCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rogers PCBs.

Layer Count

We can assemble 1 to 40 layers. (Or according to client requirements)

Surface Finishes

Gold Plated, Lead or Lead-free, OSR etc.

Assembly Options

You can ask for THT SMT hybrid or both. Plus, you can go with single and double-sided placement.

Repair & Rework

Repairing and reworking is a very difficult job. You can still contact our team for a better solution.

SMT Production Capacity

We are capable to produce 10 million chips per day in the case of 5 SMT lines. And, 8 million per day in the case of 0402 and 0201.

DIP Production Capacity

The company can produce 1.2 million pcs per day for 3 Production Lines.

Enclosure assembly

3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)

Fine pitch assembly

down to 01005,0201 size

High accuracy placement

down to 4mil(0.1mm) pitch devices