Why choose us


Our most junior sales engineer has 25 years of experience in the PCB electronics industry. So we can have fast response speed, one-on-one communication with customers, and provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.

Cost competitive

1. We reached an in-depth and longtime stable cooperation with the most largest circuit board and electronic component manufacturer in the world to provides time-savings and cost optimization by minimizing margin stacks throughout the value chain.
2. Our supply chain team maintains our warehouse, which stocks 10,000+ kinds of YAGEO,MURATA, AVX, and KEMET Resistors & Capacitors among many popular Inductors, ferrite beads & connectors,relay,transformer,enclosure,packaging,etc

Rapid delivery time

Our factory has strong production capacity and the delivery time can be completed within 10-15 days, quick turn prototypes with 5 days

We Can Build It

Because we have a diverse pool of quality manufacturing partners, we can build just about anything you can dream up. Quick Turn prototypes, full production, HDI, controlled impedance, aluminum, flex, rigid-flex, exotic laminates… and soon, you name it, we've not only seen it, we've built it!

Our Certificates