Electronic Manufacturing Services for Green Energy Technologies

From electric vehicles to alternative energy and power generation, we, at Fubon Precision, have been supporting these growing industries since inception. Unlock the potential of renewable and green technologies, and contribute to shaping the future with the right EMS partner, by your side.

At Fubon Precision, we deliver energy management solutions to all industries.


Contributing to a better world by supplying electronic systems and modules to green industry leaders.

Renewable energies and green technologies are taking place in our daily lives, as part of the Internet of Things, having a positive impact on our planet. As an electronic manufacturing service provider to various industries, we are one of few electronic manufacturing service companies to have supported industry pioneers in the field of smart lighting, solar energy, renewable energy, electric vehicles, alternative power generation, etc.

Familiar with cutting edge industries, with huge technology breakthrough and stressing time to market to make these innovations a reality, we are equipped to overachieve and support your electronic manufacturing projects, from design, engineering and manufacturing services to new product introduction (NPI) services, EMS supply chain management, mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions.

Electronic manufacturing service provider for Green Technologies, we want to make the world greener:

Solar Energy

Solar power generation

Solar transmitters

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

ESS (Energy Storage Systems)

Energy conversion equipment and devices

Electric vehicle devices and equipment

      Our Renewable Energy Electronics Manufacturing Servises


The production of Energy Electronics PCBA should at the very least follow a certified quality assurance system, with the components adhering to responsive AEC standards and the manufacturing and assembly of Energy Electronics PCBA adhering to IPC standards. It is abhorrent to do these on your own, therefore why not leave PCB manufacturing, assembly, and electronic component procurement to a reputable Energy Electronics PCB manufacturer? Contact Fubon Precision if you haven’t finished your Energy Electronics PCB design so that our solution specialists can offer helpful advice and solutions.