Quick Turn PCB

We provide flexible and custom turnkey PCBA services based on your project requirements: Full Turnkey PCBA: This involves all the services that are in the PCB assembly process such as material and component sourcing, PCB fabrication and assembly, quality control, shipping, and logistics. Partial Turnkey PCBA: This kind of assembly lets customers handle part of the process. For example, a client can provide turnkey PCB design and consignment of some components.


A type of PCB fabrication known as “quick turn” enables manufacturers that complete a project or fill orders more quickly than usual without sacrificing quality. Electronics manufacturers use this technique, hence the term “rapid turn” PCB. because it guarantees efficient use of time and resources while also producing high-quality results. Quicker-turn PCBs are printed circuit boards (PCBs) which are quickly constructed and put together.

Looking for a rigid board-specific PCB assembly company? Look nowhere else. Any kind of electronic assembly services you need can be handled by Quick Turn PCB Assembly. They offer quick rotations at incredibly affordable prices. They possess the most up-to-date machinery and expertise that other equipment manufacturers simply lack.

Benefits of Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Major advantages exist for quick-turn PCB assembly.

  • Time-saving. Because of the rapid turnaround time it provides, users have competitive advantage in the marketplace today.
  • Cost reduction. Production times are quick, which results in a sizable cost savings for PCB manufacturers.
  • Quick-turn PCBs allow producers to complete an otherwise lengthy assembly process more quickly.
  • Most rapid-turn Flex PCBs are used in the construction of PCB assemblies because they can be manufactured bendable, small, and resistant to heat and vibration, among other physical characteristics.
  • The rapid turn PCB’s dimensions are appropriate for the region and match the rise in demand for compact communication devices.
  • We can meet your strict project deadlines because of our quick-turn printed circuit board capabilities.

Fubon Precision: Your First Choice of Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing

As an experienced PCB supplier, we can meet our customers’ demands for quality and speed at the same time. Whether it is the prototype or small batch, high volume production, we can deliver the PCB at the time required by the customer. And fast PCB production does not mean we compromise on quality, at MOKO, we have a strict quality control system, we are ISO9001:2015, ROHS, BSCI, IPC, and UL certified.

One-stop Quick Turn PCB Solution

Fubon Precision provides one-stop quick turn PCB solutions, from material procurement to PCB assembly, and inspection and testing. There is no need to communicate with different suppliers, all processes involved are completed in our factory, allowing us to deliver PCB to you as fast as possible.

Advanced Technology& Equipment

We use the most advanced technology and production equipment in the industry, which has greatly improved our production speed. Moreover, we continue to simplify the production process, and we have experts to take care of each project, making sure that every quick turn PCB project is a success.

Always Committed to Quality Control

Quality is our top priority, all quick turn PCBs projects are carried out under the premise of ensuring quality, we implement strict quality control at each link, from raw materials to finished products, and we will carry out various inspections and testing to ensure high-quality.