Low Cost Bluetooth 5.2 Dual Mode BLE Audio Module FSC-BT1036B supporting both Analog and Digital audio


The FSC-BT1036B is the new Bluetooth 5.2 dual mode BLE audio module which is designed and newly launched by Feasycom with more functions and stable chip supplies.
The module FSC-BT1036B is a Bluetooth audio module which is used to transferaudio. It is featured by:
1. Bluetooth 5.2 classic and low energy;
2. Active Noise Cancellation;
3. Touch adn force sensor;
4. Voice activated assistant;
5. Bond conduction;
6. 24 bits audio quality;
7. 8 kHZ to 384 hKZ audio sampling rate;
8. Acoustic echo cancellation

Application Scenario
The dual mode bluetooth audio modules for transfering and receiving audio can be applied in:
1. Portable multimedia player;
2. High quality stereo headset;
3. High quality mono headset;
4. Hands-free car kits;
5. Wireless speakers;
6. Bluetooth enable automotive dashboards;
7. Audio transmitter