About how to program ESP32-S3

Compared with the traditional MCU, the ESP32-S3 series has much better performance, such as the STM32. It has a higher level of
operation frequency and FLASH size. It also has wifi and Bluetooth functions, which is very suitable for Internet of Things
applications. Even if it does not use wifi and Bluetooth functions, it is also very nice to use as MCU. The key is that the price
is excellent, especially the price of ESP32-S3 is really superior, The ESP32-S3 program can be developed according to the official
detailed IDF method, or the C language set. It can be developed after learning from the official for a few days. If the official
IDF is too cumbersome, you can use python programming or Arduino programming, provided that you download the corresponding
firmware, and then run the user application.
Summary: The popular programming method at this stage.