C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module


For C-885 PIMotionMaster Modular Controller System
  • For PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors
  • 50 MHz encoder inputs for simultaneous high velocity and resolution
  • PID control with dynamic parameter switchover
  • ID chip for fast start-up
  • BiSS interface
Servo controller and power amplifier

Special PID controller for ultrasonic piezomotors. Power amplifier for PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors and stages with piezo motors with performance class 2. Dynamic frequency control for optimum operation

Encoder inputs

Differential signal transmission for digital (A/B) encoder signals. BiSS interface support for absolute encoders. TTL signal inputs for limit and reference point switches

Plug-and-Play installation in the C-885 PIMotionMaster

Can be inserted in any free slot. Automatic detection and external communication (USB, Ethernet) by the processor and interface module of the C-885. Expandable by optional digital input and outputs. Power via the power supply of the C-885

Additional information

Drive types

PILine® performance class 2 motors



Encoder input

Sin/cos or A/B (quadrature, differential, 50 MHz) or BiSS interface

Stall detection

Servo off, triggered by programmable position error or power level

Limit switches

2 x TTL

Reference point switch

1 x TTL

Servo characteristics

Programmable PID filters, parameter changes on the fly

Profile generator

Trapezoid velocity profile

Max. output power

21 W

Max. output voltage

200 Vpp

Motor connector

Sub-D 15-pin (f)

I/O ports

Optional with C-885.iD Digital Interface Module for PIMotionMaster:4 analog/digital in (0 to 5V/TTL), 4 digital out (TTL)

Command set

PI General Command Set (GCS)

User software


Software drivers

LabVIEW drivers, shared libraries for Windows and Linux

Supported functions

Start-up macro, macro, data recorder for recording parameters such as motor input voltage, velocity, position or position error

Communication interfaces

USB or Ethernet, via Digital processor and interface module C-885.M1

Operating voltage, supply via C-885

24 VDC

Max.current consumption

2 A

Operating temperature range

10 to 40 °C


172 g


186.42 mm × 128.4 mm (3 RU) × 19.98 mm (4 HP)