Empowering Precision Control: Exploring the C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module for PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotors


When it comes to precise motion control applications, having a reliable and high-performance controller module is essential. The C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module, specifically designed for PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors, is a cutting-edge solution that enables exceptional control and accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the features and advantages of the C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module.

Key Features and Capabilities

The C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module boasts a range of features designed to enhance precision control in motion applications. Here are some key highlights:

  1. High Velocity and Resolution: With 50 MHz encoder inputs, the controller module supports simultaneous high velocity and resolution. This feature enables precise and smooth motion control, ensuring accurate positioning and movement even at high speeds.
  2. PID Control with Dynamic Parameter Switchover: The controller module is equipped with PID control functionality, allowing for precise and adaptive control of motion. Dynamic parameter switchover ensures optimal performance by adjusting control parameters dynamically according to the operating conditions.
  3. Fast Start-Up with ID Chip: The inclusion of an ID chip enables fast start-up, providing quick initialization of the controller module. This feature reduces the setup time and enhances operational efficiency, especially in time-sensitive applications.
  4. BiSS Interface: The controller module supports the BiSS interface, a high-speed serial interface widely used in industrial automation applications. BiSS provides reliable communication between the controller and other peripheral devices, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.

Application Areas

The C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module finds applications in various industries and fields, including but not limited to:

  1. Precision Positioning: The controller module delivers exceptional precision and control, making it ideal for precision positioning applications in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, optics, and microelectronics.
  2. Microscopy and Imaging: In microscopy and imaging systems, precise motion control is crucial for accurate scanning and image acquisition. The C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module ensures smooth and precise movements, enabling high-quality imaging with minimal vibrations.
  3. Biomedical Instrumentation: The controller module’s high-speed and precise motion control capabilities make it well-suited for biomedical instrumentation applications such as robotic surgery systems, lab automation, and sample handling.


The C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module revolutionizes precision motion control, particularly when paired with PILine® ultrasonic piezomotors. Its high velocity and resolution, PID control with dynamic parameter switchover, fast start-up with the ID chip, and support for BiSS interface ensure optimal performance and seamless integration into a wide range of motion control applications. Upgrade your precision motion systems with the C-867.10C885 PILine® Controller Module to experience enhanced control, accuracy, and efficiency in your operations.